Friday, January 14, 2011

karma is a prostitute

there's a saying that says "karma is a bitch" ,
i couldn't agree more (if there's anybody named 'karma', no offense dude)

when i was a little boy, i was a cartoon-maniac. i still remember how much i pissed my parents, and my siblings by conquering the tv. now, karma slap me rite in the face. my little sister did that to me. T.T

yeah guys, what goes around will really comes around. i always believe in that. if u done good deeds, somebody will repay u with good deeds, although it may not be the same person. and note that it vice versa. the opposite will happen too.

anywaaayyyyy, speaking of cartoon-maniac, there's a cartoon shows that i used to watch when i was a kid, called 'Captain Planet' (refer here). for those who lazy to refer, its a cartoon about saving the earth. frankly i don't remember much about the show but the comic strip below really made my day. (hint : BP oil spill)

Funny Commixed Pictures. Part 5 (50 pics) 


taken from comixed

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