Saturday, February 22, 2014


Tried multiple facial products and ended up disappointed?
Skin problem affecting your confidence?

Most of the people focusing on external factor when handling with skin issues; facial products/sessions.
The internal factor; nutrients, hormones, healthy cells, are often ignored.

·         Alfalfa Complex; detoxify your body to improve muscle and skin cells, simplify and removing fat and cholesterol (MYR 53.75)
·         Lecithin; emulsify fat and cholesterol, encourage fat burning for slimmer body, improve allergies, contains choline to improve memory (MYR 52.50)
Flawless Skin
·         Sustained Release Vita C; encourage production of collagen (tighten skin and reduce wrinkles), vitamin C promotes anti-aging, improves blood circulation ( MYR 92.50)
·         Vita-E Complex; anti-aging, and antioxidant, cures scars and skin ulcers, improve heart function to promote more oxygen to body/skin cells (MYR 149.00)
Inner Shine
·         GLA Complex; regulates estrogen (PMS) and testosterone, delays menopause, improves skin inflammation, repairs dry/fall hair (MYR 91.25)
·         Energizing Soy Protein (ESP); More than 20 types of amino acid that promotes ageless skin, regulates hormone, and improves skin pigmentation and hair problems (MYR 150.00)
Why Shaklee?
·         Always Safe; over 100,000 annual quality test done to ensure the quality
·         Always Work; backed by scientific and clinical proof
·         Always Green; sustainable products focuses on utilizing ingredients from the nature

*Each product offers additional benefits which may not be mentioned above.

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